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Whether it be our products or services, innovation is an integral part and our building block. We provide research and product development services to sustainability driven organizations, institutes and governments, globally. We offer our knowledge and expertise regarding hemp and its products to assist corporations to develop sustainable consumer products.

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Bio plastics made from hemp

Human negligence and lack of better options has plunged our world into a heap of waste with little hope of it returning to its former glory. Industrial Hemp has presented itself as an all in one solution for creating a more sustainable environment which would eventually make earth a better place to live for the generations to come. Plant based products can be used an a replacement for conventional harmful plastic in the form of hemp bio plastic ; bio composites consisting of organic polymer matrix mainly composed of cellulose and have a great tensile strength. Hemp based fiber variations has much higher mechanical and stress properties as compared to traditional fiber glass.

Impact of hemp seed oil on cardiovascular health

Hemp seed oil has a lot of positive impacts on both cardiovascular and neurological health of human body. It contains Alpha linoleic acid which is a plant based essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, it acts as a potential nutraceutical to protect from strokes and vasodilation of arteries. We at The Hempville are exploring benefits of plant based protein and Hemp is a great source of protein for animals and humans consumption.

Hemp Crete and its use in the construction industry

Hempcrete is a wonderful addition to the construction industry its light weight and durable nature makes it a perfect fit to be used for construction purposes, it is made by combing the inner core of industrial Hemp plant (hemp Hurd) with lime based binder. It provides natural insulation and passive humidity control and reduces carbon footprint. It is resistant to pests, molds and other insects which makes it more long lasting while keeping the environment clean.

Hemp rope

Hemp rope- the most durable rope in the plant world, it has been used since ages and its durability is unmatched when it comes to a sustainable environment friendly material. Traditionally it was used for hunting, anchoring and lifting purposes. It can withstand variety of harsh weather conditions and can be easily made from hemp fiber

Hemp fiber; An asset for textile industry

Hemp has done wonders for the textile industry, it is claimed to be four times stronger than the cotton fiber used to make jeans durable. In certain experiments conducted by leading jeans manufacturers, hemp fabric showed amazing results in durability as compared to other fabrics even in harsh conditions. It has a great tensile strength which makes it a good fit for the apparel industry, not only would it make more long lasting quality outfits but it will

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