Hemp Bioplastic

Need for change amidst all the chaos Human negligence and lack of care has plunged our world into darkness with little hope of it returning to its former glory. Every living thing on this planet is being affected from the extensive climate changes that are happening on this planet, polar ice caps have melted, numerous […]

Hemp vs Cotton

Move over, cotton… There’s a new fiber in town! Hemp and cotton have long been cultivated by humans for relatively similar purposes: making fabric, apparel, and fibrous objects. Hemp, of course, is perceived better in the general imagination for its extra-curricular uses. At the base of it, both can be used interchangeably in fabrics and […]

Hemp in the textile industry

Hemp fabric- breathable and sustainable, hemp fiber is a kind of textile which is made out of the stalk of cannabis sativa plant. This plant is known for being a source of extraordinarily durable fabric with a high tensile strength. However the psychoactive properties of cannabis sativa have made it quite hard for farmers to […]

Hemp Market Updates

Throughout early American history, hemp fiber was woven into everyday life. It was used in clothes, paper, sails, canvases and numerous other everyday items. The Founding Fathers even grew hemp for its fiber. While the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill) rekindled hemp production, hemp fiber has yet to make a comeback […]

The Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast

This week we talk with Taimour Azhar, an ambitious hemp processor in North Carolina.  Trained as an electrical engineer and having extensive experience in large scale manufacturing, Taimour is well suited to become a leader in decortication and wants to share his knowledge so the industry can continue to grow. It’s never easy being early […]

BMW i3’s Electric Car is Made from Hemp Composites

BMW, one of the largest car manufactures in the world, is utilizing industrial hemp based biocomposites in their “i3” electric car. By lowering the weight of the BMW i3, engineers of the vehicle have increased the distance that the electric car can travel. The BMW i3 is said to be made from 95% recyclable materials. […]