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Throughout early American history, hemp fiber was woven into everyday life. It was used in clothes, paper, sails, canvases and numerous other everyday items. The Founding Fathers even grew hemp for its fiber.
While the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill) rekindled hemp production, hemp fiber has yet to make a comeback in the U.S. In fact, it’s the last aspect of the grain-cannabinoid-fiber trio of the U.S. hemp industry to develop, trumped by the promise of profit by its cannabidiol (CBD)-rich cousin.
Entrance into today’s U.S. hemp fiber industry is riddled with barriers, especially now that cannabinoid production dominates the current hemp infrastructure and discourse. Stigma still exists surrounding cannabis despite hemp’s legalization. CBD has dictated much of the conversation surrounding hemp production regulations, making procedures like fiber processing facility inspections a lengthy headache.

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